About Town & Country Cleaners

Delivering Quality Everyday

Our ethos revolves around delivering impeccably cleaned spaces each day. It’s a simple goal, but one we’re deeply passionate about.

We develop a culture where every team member feels empowered, taking ownership of contracts and giving their absolute best.

Our mission statement:

To work hard and with integrity to provide a quality service and create value for clients, employees and the wider community.

Tradition Meets Excellence

Established in 1976 and rooted in the heart of the South East, Town & Country Cleaners boasts a rich history of service excellence. With our dedicated directors actively involved, we ensure our hands are always on the pulse, adapting and innovating.

Over the years, our breadth of expertise has expanded across various sectors, from Education and Healthcare to Retail and Pharmaceuticals, making us versatile masters of our craft.

Diverse Expertise for Diverse Needs

Our journey has led us to work across a spectrum of sectors. Whether it’s the meticulous needs of Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals or the bustling environment of Transport and Shopping Centres, we’ve honed our skills to fit perfectly.

This wide-ranging experience not only enriches our portfolio but ensures that we bring tailored solutions to every contract.

Our Core Values

The key to our success? It’s simple: We listen. By truly understanding our customers needs, we craft services that don’t just clean but also enhance the environment. This meticulous approach ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing our customers to focus solely on their core business. 

With Town & Country Cleaners as your cleaning partner, rest assured you’re getting exceptional value and a partner who supports your every step.

Your Trusted Cleaning Partners across the Southeast, London and Essex

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