About Town & Country

Town & Country’s aim is to simply deliver a perfectly cleaned building for each day. Everyone at the company is encouraged to own your contract, and try their very best.

Trading since 1976, and based in the South East, we are owned by four Directors who all have their finger on the pulse as they work full time in the company. We have gained a wealth of technical knowledge and can service many different types of contracts across sectors such as: Education, Housing, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Shopping Centres, Transport, Facilities Management, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Local Authority.

We excel at what we do because we listen to our customers. A thorough understanding of a client’s needs enables us to deliver a quality and hassle-free service at great value, that supports clients in whatever they do, allowing them to focus on their business rather than the cleaning.

About us

At Town & Country we ‘own’ your contract and we ‘try’ our best!